What Sets Us Apart

Our Drive

We are an ethical company and we believe with impartiality, integrity and quality, we will always achieve incredible results.

With the best interest of our clients and the environment in mind, our actions are always focused on customer satisfaction which in turn translates to our business growth.

Our Success

Each of our projects starts with the simple question “ How will you measure the success of this project?” Success is critical to our team whether that success comes in the form of happy clients or regulatory compliance. To help us better understand the challenges of your project we try to establish not only the goals but what are your current returns, challenges and the opportunities for growth. We believe our approach will yield many successful projects and happy customers over the years.

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Safety, Health and Environment

We are fully committed to improving safety, health and environmental performance across all areas of our business in accordance with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and applicable legal requirements.

We shall fulfill this commitment through the following actions:

Recognize, assess and quantify potential Safety, Health and Environmental risks associated with our activities and introduce control measures to eliminate, substitute or reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

Conform to the national legislation and other industry best practices subscribed to by the company.

Allocate adequate resources and necessary competency for implementation of Safety, Health and Environmental programs.

Encourage consultation with and active participation of employees by continually seeking to improve the performance of Safety, Health and Environmental management practices through periodic reviews.

Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for Safety, Health and Environmental management practices by all persons within the company.

Promote open communication with internal and external interested parties regarding our performance in Safety, Health and Environmental.

Provision of appropriate instruction, procedures and communication channels. This policy is reviewed periodically depending on the changes in national legislation, best practices and requirements accredited to by the company.

Quality Assurance

Dollar Crusaders Engineering (Pvt) Limited ensures that all Quality Standards are met in alignment and definition of the scope of work the client has provided, and to ensure that the Quality outcome is an approved international standard.

We provide high end and high quality services in a timely fashion to all clients.

Our plan to project approach removes uncertainties around delivery and supply, while our long-standing relationships mean we always have access to project requirements on time.

Over the years, we have invested heavily in equipment and production facilities to help speed up delivery times on vital infrastructure projects and get work done in even the most remote locations.

We add value to raw materials with technical advice, quality testing in our accredited laboratories and our ability to meet specifications.

Our Difference

Our commitment is borne out of the experience gained since our inception. We are cognizant of the future demands by our clients for only the highest standard of quality and potentially higher.


Our commitment is borne out of the experience gained since our inception. We are cognizant of the future demands by our clients for only the highest standard of quality and potentially higher.

Our Staff

We have a team of young, energetic and innovative individuals and we are never afraid to take challenges in an effort to help our clients and comply with regulatory requirements. Every member of our team is passionate about his or her specific role in the company. For every project, no matter how large or small, we strive to not only meet your needs but also deliver compliance to regulatory requirements in your project or in-service inspections. Proper project management from the moment the project commences with our team from the bottom making sure that all discussed specifications are done exactly achieves this.


We have embraced our responsibility to achieving the goals and objectives of providing work, business and development opportunities to disadvantaged people in the country. We are committed to a policy of recruitment that provides us with a workforce of both male and female equally, whereby we believe the most important thing is ability to deliver the work detail each member has to regardless of gender or background.

We recognize cultural diversity of our people and the need for persons of different cultures to feel free to observe their traditions. We promote tolerance and sensitivity toward the different cultures and are committed to providing a workplace free from discrimination.

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