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Dollar Crusaders Engineering

a story of growth and evolving to be one of the leading engineering companies in Southern Africa.

the journey has just started

Our Story

Established in 2016, the company then was a supplier and distributor of mechanical and electrical machinery and equipment. This was for use in both heavy and light industries. We focused on agricultural and mining sectors for import and export worldwide.

Since then, the company has developed and evolved into so much more. We are now engineering experts specializing in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil works
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Green energy (solar)

We have highly qualified engineers and technicians who do not just have certifications but also have great experience in their respective fields. Our company employs innovative approaches, customized to solving each client’s individual problems. We introduce first world standards engineering to any project that you have a vision of initiating.



Our mission is to provide timely and cost effective solutions to our clients while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and uncompromising quality standards.




Our vision is to create a culture of customer focus, bringing High Return on Investment to our clients, provide next generation engineering, with quality management service and independent third party inspection activities.



We are an ethical company and we believe with impartiality, integrity and quality, we will always achieve incredible results.

With the best interest of our clients and the environment in mind, our actions are always focused on customer satisfaction which in turn translates to our business growth.

we stand out

what sets us apart

we have turned our principles intoa culture which we employ in all sectors of of the company to give us that competitive advantage to make us the best engineering for you.

experience to be trusted

Our Accomplishments

Projects Finished
Project Managers
Development Tools
Innovative Products

masters in our own right

Our Work Process

Every project is important to us and its given the time frame that is due to make sure that the end result is the expected result of the client.


Success is critical to our team


high end and high quality services in a timely fashion


plan to project approach removes uncertainties around delivery and supply

no project is beyond us taking it up

Let’s create wonders together.

Regardless of how challenging you feel your project is, we have experienced engineers who are passionate about projects that will stretch our minds and create something amazing. We have associates across the world who are always helping us keep our staff up to date with all technological advancements.

Effective Team Work

We have all our staff working in unison to make sure that we maintain quality on every project and pride efficiency

Accumulating Years of Experience

With each passing day we learn more things and every project we finish refines to be even better more and more.

High Technological Tools

We have invested in high end technological tools that make the project process not only more efficient but ensure the quality assurance that we offer.

greatest asset

our people and community

We make sure that we do not affect the community in any way as we handle our projects. We are conscious to the need to preserve the environment and we are aiming to go as more green as possible at every stage. We are also empowering them by employing more people to be involved with us who have the required qualification, and train those we can.

our team

meet the management

The company directors have worked with various engineering disciplines including structural fabrication as well as mechanical engineering designs. We can offer design and development of various products that are both fit for purpose and can be utilized extensively and reliably well to ensure maximum beneficiation to client satisfaction. Amongst others, these include water reticulation systems (design, fabrication, installation and commissioning), equipment and machinery for both mining and factory industries.

Managing high levels of risks within projects with regard to engineering processes, systems,

equipment and infrastructure. Meet contractual obligations and applicable health and safety legislation.

Performing all activities relating to concept, pre-feasibility and turnkey mechanical projects. Ensuring that customer requirements are being carried out on time and in a professional manner. Developing products that are both fit for purpose, cost effective and competitive in the market place. Supply technical assistance where necessary in support of marketing and services.

The Team Management


Operations Manager

Mr. Chagmane Chengeta


Site Engineer

Mr. Justin Mutsenhure

Electrical Engineer

Mr. Lovemore Mazizi

Marketing Manager

Mr. Michael Manyika

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