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We provide great, on time services to our valuable customers.

We have highly qualified engineers and technicians who do not just have certifications but also have
great experience in their respective fields.

Our company employs innovative approaches, customized to solving each client’s individual problems.

We introduce first world standards engineering to any project that you have a vision of initiating.

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We are an ethical company and we believe with impartiality, integrity and quality, we will always achieve incredible results.
With the best interest of our clients and the environment in mind, our actions are always focused on customer satisfaction which in turn translates to our business growth.

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our people and community

The company directors have worked with various engineering disciplines including structural fabrication as
well as mechanical engineering designs. We can offer design and development of various products that are
both fit for purpose and can be utilised extensively and reliably well to ensure maximum benefication to client
satisfaction. Amongst others, these include water reticulation systems ( design, fabrication, installation and
commisioning), equipment and machinery for both mining and factory industries.

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C. Chengeta

Operations Manager (DIRECTOR)


M. Manyika

Marketing Manager